Eddyucate Yourself

Welcome to Eddy University!

This is where I'll be posting all of my training programs to show you a proven process to help you achieve your goals and give you and Eddyucation.

I've split my trainings up to not confuse you in any way. 

Here are some of the topics I'll be covering individually.

- Improv 
- Sketches
- Stand-up

DIY Filmmaking:
- Lighting
- Camera Choices and Differences
- Editing
- Producing
- Casting
- Locations
- Money

Business for Artists:
- How To Make Yourself Into A Brand Like The Celebrities.

How To Make Money Online:
- E-Commerce
- Affiliate Marketing
- Creating Audio Books
- E-Services
- Marketing
- Local Services

Motivation & Goals:

Creation & Flow:
- How to be able to create and flow in a way that you always feel fulfilled.
- Different Tools I use.