– Take Me With You –

In May of 1994, two idiot roomates disappeared near Amity Island, New England while shooting a documentary.


A year, and a couple of days later, their footage was found.



Eddy Herrero, Andres Monsalve and  Andi Resick

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    "Inspired by slapstick of Jim Carrey, the genius wit of Woody Allen, and the improvisational instinct of Robin Williams, award-winning Cuban American actor Eddy Herrero has done everything from feature films to theater. He has extensive training in such prestigious schools as Lesly Kahn & Co. Playhouse West, The Lee Strasberg Institute, Groundlings, and UCB, he's constantly looking for new ways to perform, and new projects to be a part of.

    He's played such characters as the lovable loser, the slacker, the best friend, the Italian New Yorker, Millennial Detective, European supermodel, Neurotic Nerd, and so much more."

    Eddy Herrero

    Actor . Director . Producer