– Anti-Motivational Video –

You Don't Have To Do It.

Just Quit.


Created by:

Andres Monsalve and Eddy Herrero


Narrated by: Andres Monsalve

Starring: Eddy Herrero


Directed by: Andres Monsalve

Produced by: Eddy Herrero and LavaBean Productions

® EddyHerrero // All Rights Reserved

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    Eddy Herrero

    Actor . Director . Producer

    "Inspired by slapstick of Jim Carrey, the genius wit of Woody Allen, and the improvisational instinct of Robin Williams, award-winning Cuban American actor Eddy Herrero has done everything from feature films to theater. He has extensive training in such prestigious schools as Lesly Kahn & Co. Playhouse West, The Lee Strasberg Institute, Groundlings, and UCB, he's constantly looking for new ways to perform, and new projects to be a part of.

    He's played such characters as the lovable loser, the slacker, the best friend, the Italian New Yorker, Millennial Detective, European supermodel, Neurotic Nerd, and so much more."